Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter came & Clutter left!

After 5 or 6 straight days of rain, it's finally gotten cold and we got a little bit of snow. Tonight, the temp is 11*. Thanks to all the rain, homes have flooded and roads have been closed. The week of rain and darkness was really getting to me!

Yesterday, I spent hours sorting through my scrapbooking supplies, crafty things, etc. Some of it hadn't been unpacked yet from our move. I could NOT believe all the supplies I had in boxes. It's embarrassing. This is some of the stuff I got rid off (some of it had already gone out to the trash & missed the photo opp. lol).

In case it doesn't look like much, that pile on the left is 4 feet high!! In all those boxes, I found over 50 packages of UNOPENED stickers!!!! OH my gosh! Now, for those of you who know me well you probably know that I LoVe stickers. And for all those packages that I found, 95% of them were purchased on clearance. But, the truly sad thing is that they've in boxes for more than a year. Unorganized. Unused. Unappreciated. So, what's the point, you know? I got a big laundry basket and started throwing the stickers in that basket as I came across them. Then, later on I organized them all in my sticker binder. And, guess what!? Today, instead of buying Valentine cards, I made them and used up about 7 packages of those stickers!! Ye-haw! LOL

I LoVe getting...and being...organized!

Only 200 more boxes to go!! LOL

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