Friday, July 16, 2010


Hello out there! How's everyone doin'? Are you having a sweltering hot summer like we are here in Hoosierland? UGH! I don't wanna rush things, but you might get me to admit I'm nearly ready for fall! It's too stinkin' hot to enjoy spending time outside!

So, we're all moved in to our new house. Except for the stuff stored in our large storage unit. And the small storage unit. And my in-law's garage. And their RV. OK! And their shed too! Sigh. How did we accumulate so much stuff???

Anyhoo. Haven't had a chance to do much decorating or anything here yet. Well, especially since most of my decor is stored in that RV I mentioned. Between my baby turning 2 on July 1, our 17th anniversary on July 3, a teething child and me having strep throat...well, I haven't gotten much of anything done, it seems.

I'm actually sitting on the floor, typing this, on our home computer (not a laptop) in a empty upstairs loft because we don't have any furniture in here yet. That's OK. I need the exercise of getting up and down off the floor. LOL What a sight to behold!

Still trying to adjust to living in a neighborhood with actual people as neighbors instead of raccoons, foxes, bunnies, deer and what not that we were used to before. But, it's actually just what I need. I'm working on some personal growth and I've spent way too many years keeping to myself, not having friends to do things with, etc. I'm also really shy, so that only added to my isolation. I've been talking to our new neighbors and even went for a walk through the neighborhood last night. People are out everywhere! Walking, play, mowing, swimming, gardening, bike riding. It's amazing. At our old house in the country, I could mow for 2 hours and never see a car pass by!

Well, I'm all talked out for now. LOL I hope y'all are having your best summer ever!