Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nifty purse!

An elderly German lady at church made this purse for me to sell on my site or eBay. I have one of these purses in different fabric that I bought at the Cracker Barrel and she loved it. She took it home, eyeballed it to make a pattern and made this purse within a day or two!

July 4

July 4th was such a lazy day for us! None of us combed our hair all day, I'm sure! Here's some awful pix of us, waiting on the fireworks to start.



Mom (sorry, mom!! lol)

Some photos from my afternoon drive

Below is a display in the Warm Glow Candle Outlet

Below is the exterior of the Warm Glow Candle Outlet in Centerville, IN

An old, empty store in a small Indiana town

Where's my pellet gun??

Every night, a raccoon is tearing the bird feeders out of the tree right off the right porch. It is tearing down the hummingbird feeder and twisting the bottom off of it! I'm tired of filling it back up! I haven't done so in a week. Today, I was sitting in the LR and a hummer came and hovered, staring in the picture window at me as if to say, "Come on lady!!! Fill that feeder back up!!".
The other night, we heard this awful clatter after we'd gone to bed. We went out to investigate and found a mess on the front porch. My "new-to-me" table was knocked over and everything on it was on the porch floor. A raccoon looked up at us through the porch rails like a victim or something!
Gonna get my pellet gun loaded and he'll think "victim!"


My surgery has been scheduled for August 17. I have to be at the hospital in Muncie at 6 AM. Ugh!Maybe being in a sleepy-zombie state will lessen my nervousness! LOL
I go back to the specialist tomorrow for a procedure.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I think...

Unless I change my mind, I think I'll go with option 4 (See previous post).

I think I'd like to get it all done and over with at the same time. I'm trying to be realistic and remind myself that 13 years without birth control and numerous fertility drugs did not produce a baby, so by having all the prodecures done, I won't be losing anything, but gaining better health, hopefully.

Visit to the specialist July 12th

Originally typed July 12:

The DR today says my terrible bleeding and pain is all related to my Polycystic Ovarian Disease. The easy way to offer me some relief is to take birth control pills, but I cannot do that because I get blood clots too easily. They took NINE vials of blood today to check me for a genetic blood clotting disorder! He did a quick pelvic exam, which really hurt, so that certainly shows the tenderness that's going on and he said my right ovary is much larger than the left.
Another option was a special type of IUD that would stop my periods, but carries a small risk of causing me a blood clot. I am NOT interested in an IUD. Ideally, he said, I need surgery.

It's up to me as to know "much" surgery I want to go through.

#1- I can do the least, which is a D & C. That might last me 3-6 months, or 10 years, the DR said.
#2- I can have a D & C and have my uterine lining burnt & sealed, which is called Endometrial ablation & would end my periods. This would end my chances of ever having children.
#3- I can do the above, PLUS there's a slight chance I could become pregnant in the future, but I would NOT be able to carry a baby, so in addition to the above, I would have my tubes tied.
#4- In addition to all the above, they could "poke holes" in my ovaries to deflate them, which would relieve some/a lot of the ovarian cysts ( I have 100's of cysts from the PCOS) and would give me some relief in general. I told him I feel like I'm carrying small sand bags around in my belly. If they get in and see that one ovary is far worse than the other, they would remove one.
#5- Hysterectomy. This is a last resort for me because I cannot take hormones or anything afterwards. So, as the DR said, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. He said I cannot take 80% of the meds I would need (and do need now) because of fear of blood clots.

He wants to go with option #4. I have to go in for another pelvic ultrasound in 2 weeks. He also gave me the phone number for his surgical nurse to call anytime I have questions.

I could not believe how awesome this DR was. He was BEYOND thorough. Fred was so impressed!

I've had PCOS for at least 14 years. I have thought all along that I'd done something to cause it...maybe eating too much sugar, etc. as PCOS is an insulin problem, but he told me it's something I was born with. That I couldn't eat enough broccoli or live healthy enough to change the fact I was born with PCOS. I never knew that. I carried a lot of guilt for my infertility all these years because I thought I'd caused my PCOS.

I can't remember what else he told us. We were there for 2 hours.

Please keep us in your prayers as we make some decisions. Thanks!

Fun time!

We had a fun evening on July 3, the evening of our anniversary. We went to Indy and couldn't decide where to eat...we'd narrowed it down to Bucca de Beppo & The Cheesecakse Factory. So, we went to both!! We ate dinner at Bucca, went shopping, then about 10 PM, we went to the Factory and had Key Lime Cheesecake while sitting outside in their Tuscan "villa" setting. We were able to watch some fireworks being set off too!

July 4, my mom came up.I took a 4 hour nap! We had nice weather all day until 9:30 PM! Our fireworks were rained out. They were rescheduled for Saturday night. So, that Sat. night, we got carry-out from Pizza Hut and went to the park for a picnic before the fireworks. They were worth the wait!! The grand finale was exceptional!
Mom stayed 7 days and we had a lot of fun, floating around in the pool!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today Fred & I are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. In fact, as I type this, the time is 3 minutes until the time our wedding started, back on July 3, 1993!!
We had such a beautiful wedding! The weather was gorgeous and we were able to share our day with so many family and friends!
Our colors were burgundy, hunter green and a touch of gold. We had 14 people in our wedding party!
My father-in-law, who is a minister, did the special prayer while we were at the kneeling/prayer bench. It was very moving and so anointed. There wasn't a dry eye in the church!
Fred's mom had kidney failure when he was about 10. She prayed that she'd live long enough to see him graduate high school. She did. She then prayed she'd live long enough to see him get married. She did. Fred's dad mentioned these things in his prayer at the wedding and it was so moving! We were all crying! My MIL Jane lived to see her son graduate from pharmacy school at Butler University and begin his career as a pharmacist. He actually became a pharmacist due to the influence of the medical people in his mom's life during her sickness.
We had our reception at the church and then drove to Indianapolis for the night. The next day, we flew to Boston then drove to Cape Cod. We stayed in B & B's, ate fresh seafood and just had a fabulous time! I think the most special thing was while we were staying at Mostly Hall B & B in Falmouth, MA., right on the ocean. We walked down to the beach and sat with thousands of others on the sand, watching the fireworks being shot off a ship out in the water! It was breathtaking! Somewhere, way down the beach, someone began singing "America the Beautiful" and it filtered down the shore as everyone joined in. Thousands were singing but there was a hush in the air and it was so moving that we sang with tears streaming down our faces! All these years later, we've never forgotten the feeling we felt, on that beach in Massachusetts, sitting among strangers but all having a common bond in the pride and thankfulness we felt in living in America.
We drove to Newport Rhode Island and visited the Vanderbilt's mansion there, ate more seafood, etc. This is where Jackie Kennedy grew up and her family home is there.

See The Breakers here: http://tickets.newportmansions.org/mansion.aspx?id=1000

See Mostly Hall here: http://www.mostlyhall.com/

While there, we stayed in this room: http://www.mostlyhall.com/accoma3bc.html#

We went to Hyannis Port, MA and saw an eternal flame for JFK.
We ferried to Martha's Vineyard. What fun!! We saw Jackie's home there, as well as Carly Simon and...what's that lady's name that was married to Woody Allen? Her home is there. There is just so much to see and do in Martha's Vineyard!
We drove to Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, MA. We got to see the rock where the Pilgrims landed. We stayed in a little, old cabin near there. There's "Plimouth Plantation" there-it's like a living history outdoor museum. I bought some little things in the gift shop there that I still put on our Christmas tree each year!

This photo of us looks so funny! I held it at an angle and it makes us look like midgets with big heads!! lol

Our Reception

We're going to Indianapolis tonight to eat and do some shopping. YAY! lol

Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Very Special Friend

On July 1, 1917, a blessing was born into this world! We have a very special friend. Her name is Christeena Slattery. She turned 90 today! She still drives, shops, paints ceramics, etc. and she worked in a gift shop up until a few years ago.
She is someone that I aspire to be like in all ways! She is a prayer warrior and a very Godly woman. I feel blessed and honored to know her.
Here is a photo of us with her celebrating her birthday and the second photo is of her and her husband, back in the day. Her husband passed away a few years ago. They spent their life pastoring, working for the Lord.

This third photo is of Harry & Christeena Slattery's wedding day.

Country Drive

On a country drive this evening, we saw this old brick building. It looked like a house and there were several outbuildings and at least one barn. But while it looked like a house, it also looked like it had once been a church or a school maybe? Up above the windows on the front, the bricks are removed in the shape of a cross. The weeds are so grown up, they nearly disguise the arched door on the front. I love how the sun behind the building kind of gives it a special aura!

Sweet surprise

I was looking at this flower, thinking about taking a photo of it, when this butterfly decided to check out the flower too! What timing!