Saturday, July 14, 2007

Visit to the specialist July 12th

Originally typed July 12:

The DR today says my terrible bleeding and pain is all related to my Polycystic Ovarian Disease. The easy way to offer me some relief is to take birth control pills, but I cannot do that because I get blood clots too easily. They took NINE vials of blood today to check me for a genetic blood clotting disorder! He did a quick pelvic exam, which really hurt, so that certainly shows the tenderness that's going on and he said my right ovary is much larger than the left.
Another option was a special type of IUD that would stop my periods, but carries a small risk of causing me a blood clot. I am NOT interested in an IUD. Ideally, he said, I need surgery.

It's up to me as to know "much" surgery I want to go through.

#1- I can do the least, which is a D & C. That might last me 3-6 months, or 10 years, the DR said.
#2- I can have a D & C and have my uterine lining burnt & sealed, which is called Endometrial ablation & would end my periods. This would end my chances of ever having children.
#3- I can do the above, PLUS there's a slight chance I could become pregnant in the future, but I would NOT be able to carry a baby, so in addition to the above, I would have my tubes tied.
#4- In addition to all the above, they could "poke holes" in my ovaries to deflate them, which would relieve some/a lot of the ovarian cysts ( I have 100's of cysts from the PCOS) and would give me some relief in general. I told him I feel like I'm carrying small sand bags around in my belly. If they get in and see that one ovary is far worse than the other, they would remove one.
#5- Hysterectomy. This is a last resort for me because I cannot take hormones or anything afterwards. So, as the DR said, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. He said I cannot take 80% of the meds I would need (and do need now) because of fear of blood clots.

He wants to go with option #4. I have to go in for another pelvic ultrasound in 2 weeks. He also gave me the phone number for his surgical nurse to call anytime I have questions.

I could not believe how awesome this DR was. He was BEYOND thorough. Fred was so impressed!

I've had PCOS for at least 14 years. I have thought all along that I'd done something to cause it...maybe eating too much sugar, etc. as PCOS is an insulin problem, but he told me it's something I was born with. That I couldn't eat enough broccoli or live healthy enough to change the fact I was born with PCOS. I never knew that. I carried a lot of guilt for my infertility all these years because I thought I'd caused my PCOS.

I can't remember what else he told us. We were there for 2 hours.

Please keep us in your prayers as we make some decisions. Thanks!

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Alison said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers sweetie. I know God will lead you to the best decision. I'm glad you're finally getting answers. Have a wonderful weekend! :)