Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good news

Fred's dad got some good news at his chemo appointment last week! His PSA levels have held steady for 3 months now, so he just might have received his last chemo treatment for a while! He will go in early October for a bone scan. After getting the results, he'll know if he has to keep up with the chemo or if he can wait until the first of the year for more treatments.

This bit of news has encouraged him so much! There's so much he wants to do but he's feeling tired and weak right now. It'll get better and hopefully he'll soon be up and about!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great news!

As a follow-up to Fred's illness earlier this year, he had a colonoscopy last Wednesday. 70% of his colon died in March from that parasite he got. He also had 4 polyps removed.

Fred went to the surgeon today that took care of him earlier this year...and he got the colonscopy results. All 4 polyps were beneign!! And 100% of his colon is healed!!!!! No signs of that horribly scary time in our lives!! Thank You, Jesus!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alison Francis Kline

Thomas & Alison Kline
I just found out that my beautiful friend, Alison Kline passed away today. She was 26 years old and battled cancer fearlessly. She had an inner light that radiated across the miles.

I feel knocked down on my knees.
I believed and trusted God for her healing.

I find strength in knowing she's received the ULTIMATE healing.
No more pain. No more suffering.
God makes no mistakes.

Those of you reading this, please remember her husband Thomas in your prayers, as well as their families. You can read Thomas' blog at:
While Alison's time on this earth was short, I'll never forget her. Her courage. Her love. Her enthusiasm for life.
I'm a better person for having known Alison Francis Kline.

Daddy's Girl, even in the middle of the night

Hearing test

As a newborn, Ryleigh failed 3 hearing tests on her left ear in the hospital. She failed two tests on the right ear, finally passing on the third try.

We were sent to an audiologist last month to retest the left ear. There were no ear drum vibrations whatsoever. The DR said she thought it was still too early for all the fluid to be gone from Ryleigh's ear from the birthing process.

We go back in two days. I'm anxious to see what happens.


Tomorrow is a big day for Fred. He has a follow-up colonoscopy in the morning..following-up to the sickness he had this past spring that caused 70% of his colon to die. This test will show how his colon...or if it..has recovered. He'll also have 2 polyps removed.

He is understandly nervous about the test and the prep, thanks to the trauma from before.

I told him we're going to call this test the "Look what the Lord has done" test because I believe they'll find his colon to be totally, 100% healed!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hummingbrid Bee

My friend Birgit Norton in Maine took this photo of a hummingbird bee recently. Gorgeous!!