Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We went to the DR Friday June 20 with our birth mom. My father-in-law and step-mother-in-law LaQuita came over and LaQuita went with me to the DR. Meranda (our birth mom)and Amy went on in. On our way in to the building, LaQuita fell off a curb in the parking lot.

An employee was outside and came running. She called a medical alert and 15 nurses and a DR came running with a crash cart, an oxygen tank and some other cart. We finally got LaQuita in a wheelchair. My DR checked her out and sent her to x-ray. In the meantime, we stopped by the exam room Meranda was in and we pushed LaQuita's wheelchair in the room and she got to hear the baby's heartbeat!

Later, the DR told us that LaQuita has a badly sprained left ankle and they put it in an air cast. We left and about 1.5 hours later, the nurse called and said the x-ray DR had been going over the x-ray's some more and saw that LaQuita had a fractured knee cap on the other leg. She said she wasn't surprised and she moved her knee cap all the way around!!!! I about passed out!!! lol We had to go back for a cast from her groin to her ankle! So, she has both legs messed up! She can barely get around.

June 25- My in-law's are still here and we're still waiting on our baby to arrive! My step-MIL has been sleeping on the couch, bless her heart. It's easier for her to get up and down from the couch.

She recently used an electric wheelchair for the first time and only took out 4 people at the Wal-mart!! lol

The Girls

Amy, birth mom, my step-MIL

June 21, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Too sick

My father-in-law was way too sick for chemotherapy today. The DR took the usual blood sample and sent him home.
The place under his arm that he had surgery on last month just isn't healing.
The DR said no chemo for a month! But, this will give dad some time to heal and get on top of the incision, the head cold, the MRSA, the eye infections, etc.
He sure needs lot of prayers!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Illness of some sort is everywhere, it seems.

My father-in-law is so sick from the effects of chemo. The chemo is working on the cancer, but it's ravaging his body. I think he went to the DR 4 times last week. His last visit was for a chest x-ray, checking for pneumonia.

He's carrying terrible infections in his eyes from the chemo and he also has MRSA now. He's got 3 or 4 antibiotics going at the same time. And, Tuesday is chemo day. I'm going to call the oncologist and let him know everything that is going on and see if we're still on for chemo. If not, it would save everyone the drive to Indianapolis if we knew before hand. Especially since gasoline is now $4.19/gallon. =(

I've been on antibiotics for about 20 days. I just can't shake these sinus infections. I keep putting off the sinus surgery, but...

Fred is sick too. He has slept all weekend and I'm so glad. Except that we missed church today.

And, please, everyone, pray for my friend Alison. She is 26 and is battling cancer. She's a fighter with a beautiful spirit! I know she and her hubby Thomas would appreciate your prayers. Thank you.


We've stayed in close to home today. We've had a rough two weeks-weather wise and today is no different. Several counties in IN have been declared emergency disasters. Two interstates have portions closed due to flooding, etc. Many people today are being evacuated from their flooded homes by boat. Very scary scenes on TV today.

We've been busy getting ready for Ryleigh to arrive. Our birth mom can go any day now. We've been packing our suitcase, etc. So exciting!!

Tomorrow after church we're going to a family dinner near Delphi, IN.

We moved our living room furniture around today. That's the first time we've moved it since we've lived here...Dec. 2005! Growing up, my mom moved the furniture around every month I think and I've just not been one to want to move things around too much. But, so far we like the new lay out! =)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


My snowman header will not delete and it's driving me nuts!!

Weather, spring, baby & more!

Hello everyone! Thought I'd better get busy and do some updating around here! lol

It's been a very busy time...May flew by...with baby showers and Dr's appointments (there were 15 different appointments in May alone for a variety of things!) and so on.

We've been having terrible weather. Tuesday night I was as scared as I've ever been! We had terrible T-storms, tornado warnings, etc. We were up until about 4 AM Wednesday. We have serious flooding around here. Just a few miles south of us, a bridge collapsed and 3 or 4 cars & trucks went off into the water. One woman died. So tragic. I went to town today and so many roads were closed, farm fields, soccer and baseball fields totally under water. This is the spot just a handful of miles from us where the bridge collapsed and vehicles fell into the water:

This picture was in our local newspaper.

Not too far south, a tornado did serious damage. In Indy on Friday, in just a 2.5 mile swath, there was $29 million in damages from a tornado. Serious damage in my hometown last night's about 2.5 hours southwest. Mom said there was no one going in or going out of the town today.

There's just so much storm devastation all around us. The worst damage we've had is a leak in our covered front porch and a torn awning on the RV. We have lots of flood debris to pick up, but we're very thankful nothing worse was done.

One thing I love about spring is the animals. Just in the past 3 days, I've seen 7 deer, 20+ bunnies, raccoons galore, chipmunks, baby squirrels, etc. For exercise, I walked down to the end of our driveway this evening and there was a deer standing down there, across the road. We had a face-off for a full 5+ minutes and it was amazing. The deer never even twitched its tail!!

I took this picture from our living room window of 2 deer in our yard last week, at 7:20 AM. It was a mama and her not-so-little baby.

The bunnies are out by the dozen in our yard. We got such a laugh watching a family of 4 baby bunnies running in a perfect circle in our back yard...they were surely chasing the cotton tail directly in front of them!

My FIL is still undergoing chemo. He's doing really well, in my opinion. The place under his arm where he has surgery recently isn't healing so well so he couldn't get the stitches out yesterday. Maybe soon. Otherwise, he is plugging along. =) He is so anxious for the arrival of baby Ryleigh that he can't hardly stand it. Neither can I! lol

We had 2 earthquakes last month. The first one I slept through. The second I was sitting on the couch and it starting moving! It was such a weird feeling!! That first one was a 5.1 and the second a 4.6, I believe. Freaky!

On Memorial Day, we traded my Grand Prix GT in on a 2008 Chevy Trailblazer XLT. It rocks!! lol All leather interior, heated seats, 2 radios, 6 CD changer, etc. It's metallic black. When we got in it, it had 8 miles on it! Fred calls it "Ryleigh's Ride" because her stroller wouldn't fit in my car trunk so we needed something bigger. I'll post pix soon.

Tomorrow I'm off to the DR with our birth mom again. We're going every week now. Woohoo!!