Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We went to the DR Friday June 20 with our birth mom. My father-in-law and step-mother-in-law LaQuita came over and LaQuita went with me to the DR. Meranda (our birth mom)and Amy went on in. On our way in to the building, LaQuita fell off a curb in the parking lot.

An employee was outside and came running. She called a medical alert and 15 nurses and a DR came running with a crash cart, an oxygen tank and some other cart. We finally got LaQuita in a wheelchair. My DR checked her out and sent her to x-ray. In the meantime, we stopped by the exam room Meranda was in and we pushed LaQuita's wheelchair in the room and she got to hear the baby's heartbeat!

Later, the DR told us that LaQuita has a badly sprained left ankle and they put it in an air cast. We left and about 1.5 hours later, the nurse called and said the x-ray DR had been going over the x-ray's some more and saw that LaQuita had a fractured knee cap on the other leg. She said she wasn't surprised and she moved her knee cap all the way around!!!! I about passed out!!! lol We had to go back for a cast from her groin to her ankle! So, she has both legs messed up! She can barely get around.

June 25- My in-law's are still here and we're still waiting on our baby to arrive! My step-MIL has been sleeping on the couch, bless her heart. It's easier for her to get up and down from the couch.

She recently used an electric wheelchair for the first time and only took out 4 people at the Wal-mart!! lol

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