Friday, September 11, 2009

My Goodwill Finds!

My first find was the chair for $6.99. More than I would've like to have paid, but I really needed it, so I went for it. I've already got the first coat of black paint on it. I have a built in desk in my kitchen and needed a chair there...but didn't want an office chair, although that is what the previous home owners used.

Then next find was the star mirror! It's actually quite large and painted in a pale yellow. It was $4.99. I might sell it if anyone is interested. I just couldn't leave it at the store! LOL

I found the penny rug/sheep plate for $1.99!

The large P is perfect for us! (Peterson). It's black with mustard yellow underneath. No need to change it up! I paid $5.99. It weighs as much as my 14 month old baby. It's going to go on the mantle, I think.

Then, lastly, I found the snowman "Winter Tyme" crock. It's by Roseville and was $2.99. Too cute!

I'll post more pix once I get my goodies settled in their "new homes". LOL

I never find these kinds of goodies at our GW, but my in law's just moved to Indianapolis and they have at least THREE GW's within 3 miles of their house!! I've only hit one of the GW's but plan on going to the others ASAP.