Thursday, February 28, 2008

Go away, winter!

I'm starting to get cabin fever. We've had snow everyday for the past 7 days or so. More coming tonight and tomorrow. Of course, it IS tradition to have snow when high school basketball sectionals start and they start tonight...or maybe they started last night. And, I always have snow on my birthday! As a child, I couldn't have bday parties because it always dumped a ton of snow around/on my birthday.
I turned 37 yesterday. Fred took me to Cracker Barrel for dinner then we did a little shopping. I think it was 13* out. lol
Spring, spring, where are you spring??

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today in New Castle =)

Our road at the end of our driveway

Fred plowed our driveway. I was standing in our garage, looking out at our yard and driveway:
We got 4-5 inches over night. More coming, they say.
We went down the road a few minutes ago...about 8:30 PM to try to pull a car out of the ditch. It was a young high school kid. He was wedged across the ditch though and needed a tow truck. We tried! lol

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big day

This was chemo day for my father-in-law. We kind of make a big day of it. This is him with his step-grandson Jordan. Jordan has spent most of his life in Russia, with his missionary parents. He is currently attending Bible college in Indy and had today off for President's Day, so he came over to join our entourage. lol Jordan is 6' 7"!! I felt like me and my 5' 5" only came up to Jordan's waist when I stood next to him! ha


We've been away for the past few days. We went to Brown County and stayed in an Inn in Nashville, IN.
We stayed here:

Our room:

We had a great, relaxing time!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy February!

Goollyyy!! What happened to January?? lol
I've been pretty sick for eons it seems. I'm on about the 25th day of antiobiotics for 2008. I think that explains why I haven't been online much lately.
Let's see...what's new...
1) my FIL is doing pretty good with his chemo for prostate cancer. He lost all of his hair after the second treatment. He has a wig made of human hair and he's wearing that sometimes when he goes out. Bless his heart.
2) We've worked hard at our church for the past 15 years. We've finally gotten to the place that we are beyond exhausted. On January 23, Fred resigned as Church Treasurer and Board Member. We've taken a 30 day leave to go to church in Indianapolis, to be with Fred's dad and his wife. Fred wants this time to grow closer to his dad-they really need the time together. Fred's dad cried when he heard we were coming to church with him! =)
3) I started my allergy shots. I get 3 shots every Thursday and will for 5 years. Ugh.
4) Still having chronic sinus infections. I went to the ENT in January and he said he is recommending sinus surgery. I'm to call him when I am ready. (Never?!) lol
5) I have some HUGE news but I've sent notes to every via snail mail, so I'll wait before I add any info here about the news...
6) Fred gets through about one book a year. That boy is the slowest reader I've ever seen! lol He's so detail oriented though (comes with his job) and he reads every single word and looks at every single punctuation mark, etc. ha! Anyway, he's reading Tony Dungy's book right now. In case you don't know who Tony is, he's the Colts coach. =) He's a very inspiring Christian man.
Well, I think that about does it! I can't wait for everyone to get the notes I mailed out so that I can share the good news here! lol
Oh NO! I have some more good news!!!! Fred got his braces off!!!!!!! After 3 years of torture (not really!) he's got beautiful, straight teeth!! I'm so proud of him! He has some implants to get then will whiten his teeth. He looks like a new man! LOL