Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Day of Truth

Today at the gym was my weigh-in/measure day. I get measured from my neck all the way down to my ankles! Anyway, I lost another 7 inches of fat...for a total of 15.5 inches GONE in 2 months!! YAY! This past month, I've gone to the gym half-heartedly. If I stepped up my game, I wonder how much faster I would lose these inches!? It's a great feeling to know my efforts haven't been in vain!

I've had a hard time with the diet plan from the dietician. I'm so used to focusing on calories and fat grams, but on this plan, it's all about carbs/starch because I'm following a diabetic diet due to my ovarian disease. Well. When I think of a diabetic diet, I think of not eating candy bars, cookies, cake, etc. but it's SO much more than that! With my ovarian disease (PCOS), I can't process insulin properly, so I really need to limit my carbs/starch...which includes pasta, bread, tomato products like sauces, salsa, ketchup and more! Apples! WOW! I had NO idea that I was "hurting" myself by eating salsa! And spaghetti sauce! I can still have it, but only a certain amount at certain times of the day. One serving of carbs is 15 grams. Pick up your favorite food and read the label to see how many carbs it has in a serving. That translates into sugar!! Egads! A bun or two slices of bread on your fave sandwich counts as 2 servings of carbs! Good golly Miss Molly! LOL But, I'm slowly making changes...a little more every day and I'm truly feeling so much better!! And in the end, that's what matters!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Surprise trip!

When Fred gets off work in 20 minutes, we're going away for the weekend and he doesn't know where we're going! Fun! Fun! Fun!
Yesterday was his birthday and it was such a busy day that we didn't get to celebrate, so this little weekend trip will make up for that. We're going to an historical Appalachian town...Berea, KY. It's so relaxing! Of course, Snoopy is going with us!
It will take us about 4 hours to get there. Fred's alma mater, Butler University, is playing basketball tonight and he'll miss seeing that game on TV...hope he isn't too upset about that!

Berea! The Folk Arts & Crafts Capital of Kentucky

SO mad!

I went shopping today at Goodies, a clothing store. When I left the store, I could hear kids screaming at the top of their lungs. I saw a car with the windows rolled down and two small children hanging out the windows screaming all sorts of things. What made me so mad was the fact that there was NO adult in sight!! Someone had left these two small children in the car in a parking lot by themselves!!!!
I called 911 and told the dispatcher about it. She was furious too! When I drove over behind the car to get the license plate number, the "mother" or whoever she was, came out and got in the car. She'd been shopping in Goodies!
The dispatcher asked if the kids were in restraint seats of any kind and when I said no, she asked for the plate number, etc. and was sending a cop to stop that car once it pulled out on the highway! I had to follow the woman to relay to the dispatcher where the lady was going. In Indiana, the dispatcher said that kids must be in a restraint seat of some type until the child is taller than 4' 9" or something like that.
I was so mad I was almost shaking! When the lady left Goodies, she drove to Blockbuster, returned a movie and once again left the kids in the car!
You know, if it's too much trouble to take the kids in the store when you shop, maybe going shopping isn't a good idea?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I got new teeth for my birthday!

Fred had told me I could do whatever I wanted for my birthday. I wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese and play Skee ball! We played that plus a bunch of other games...52 games total! We won all kinds of loot, but this is our favorite: new teeth!

Country-style Entertainment

It doesn't take much to entertain us and here's proof!
The other day, I bought a chicken sandwich and french fries from McDonald's. I didn't eat it all and when I got home, I sat my McD's sack on the front porch while I carried everything else in the house. Well, I forgot my sack of food. Just after dark that day, I looked out the kitchen window. About 2 feet from the window, on the porch, was a big fat raccoon munching on my fries! He'd (she?) already eaten the chicken sandwich! He'd pull out one fry at a time and hold it with both front feet while eating. Too cute! After eveything was gone, he stuck his head in the fry container and pushed it all around the porch. I had turned off the kitchen lights and while he couldn't see me, I had a great view of him! At one point, I hit the window glass and he stood on his hind legs and looked in the window at me! So funny! I tried about 20 times to get a good photo of him, but my flash kept reflecting off the glass and without the flash, you couldn't see anything. So, no photos. The raccoon wandered off but I was determined to get a photo, so I went out and filled the fry container with dog food, hoping to lure him back. About 10 minutes later, I went back to the window to see if he was back and there was a cat I'd never seen before, chowing on the dog food! It was a sweet medium-size gray cat. Off I went...came back about 10 minutes later and the cat was gone but there was a opposum on the porch with its head stuck in the fry container, ambling around on the porch! It was so funny! A big fat body, yucky long tail and a red cardboard head!!! LOL He finally got tired of the fry container and starting messing with the chicken sandwich container when who should appear but the raccoon! We had a ring-side seat to a fight!!! Oh my goodness! I never realized opposums hiss and have dozens of tiny jagged-sharp teeth!!! Yikes! I actually covered my eyes at one point!! Anyway, it was so fun to be so close to nature but safe at the same time. And, the show was free!

I never did get those photos!