Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Day of Truth

Today at the gym was my weigh-in/measure day. I get measured from my neck all the way down to my ankles! Anyway, I lost another 7 inches of fat...for a total of 15.5 inches GONE in 2 months!! YAY! This past month, I've gone to the gym half-heartedly. If I stepped up my game, I wonder how much faster I would lose these inches!? It's a great feeling to know my efforts haven't been in vain!

I've had a hard time with the diet plan from the dietician. I'm so used to focusing on calories and fat grams, but on this plan, it's all about carbs/starch because I'm following a diabetic diet due to my ovarian disease. Well. When I think of a diabetic diet, I think of not eating candy bars, cookies, cake, etc. but it's SO much more than that! With my ovarian disease (PCOS), I can't process insulin properly, so I really need to limit my carbs/starch...which includes pasta, bread, tomato products like sauces, salsa, ketchup and more! Apples! WOW! I had NO idea that I was "hurting" myself by eating salsa! And spaghetti sauce! I can still have it, but only a certain amount at certain times of the day. One serving of carbs is 15 grams. Pick up your favorite food and read the label to see how many carbs it has in a serving. That translates into sugar!! Egads! A bun or two slices of bread on your fave sandwich counts as 2 servings of carbs! Good golly Miss Molly! LOL But, I'm slowly making changes...a little more every day and I'm truly feeling so much better!! And in the end, that's what matters!

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