Monday, October 22, 2007


We've lived in this house for about 22 months now. We still have so much stuff we haven't unpacked. It's stuff we don't need on a daily or weekly basis. It's stuff from the past and who knows what else! But, I've been working on my stamping/scrapbooking room and have gotten some great shelving units and organizers. I've been sorting my scrapbook paper. Who knew I had about 2000 pieces of paper!? And, I just happen to know where a ton more is out in the garage. I've always been a paper lover. I've always loved to cut paper. As a child in the 70's I'd cut up the old Sears, Penny's and Montgomery Ward catalogs. I'd cut out a "dad" and a "mom" and lots of kids. I'd cut out furniture, clothes, the whole nine yards. Sometimes I'd glue these paper dolls and accessories in a scrapbook. Remember those old scrapbooks with construction paper-type pages? I still have mine, with all my fancy stuff glued in! lol
As a teenager, I cut tons of paper to make Friendship Books.
As a getting-closer-to-40 year old woman, I still cut paper! It's very therapeutic.
For me anyway. It drives my hubby nuts.;-)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Last Weekend

I tried out a new card "recipe" and had lots of fun making tons of Halloween and Thanksgiving cards while Fred....

...brought home a 2007 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab...just for the weekend. He had serious thoughts about leasing it, but decided against it in the end.

A few of my favorite things

Altered Box

Here's the front of a "Family Movie Night" box I made for a swapper friend. Her last name is Honkomp, so I spelled out her last name on the front of the box. The little white tag in the bottom left says Family Movie Night.

Here's one side of the box...a movie reel.

The top of the box says "What movie should we see??"

The white strip on the black paper says "Now Playing..." and the white strip of paper tucked inside says Admit One. There's an old movie camera and a film strip too.

Here's another side of the box.
I filled the inside of the box with Cracker Jack, popcorn and other movie favorites!