Thursday, October 30, 2008

My DR's office called Wednesday afternoon and have moved my colonoscopy up to this coming Monday because they had a cancellation. I'm kind of glad so that I can't get it done and over with. I go to the DR at 1 PM today to meet with the surgical nurse and get my pre-op stuff. Yehaw. lol

Ryleigh (my 17 week old baby girl) hasn't been sleeping much at night this week and I've been so exhausted! My DH had the afternoon off so I beggd for a nap! I laid done about 4:30 or 5:00 and woke up at midnight!! That would be why I'm blogging at 2:30 AM! lol

We met my in-law's today in a nearby town for lunch. While we were eating, in walked a group of 4 ladies and I screamed "LYDIA!!!" and scared everyone! LOL One of the ladies was a dear friend of 16 years that I haven't seen in at least 4 years! She and her family had moved to TN (from IN) and happened to be back up here visiting some of her family. What a FUN surprise!!!! She got to meet our little one for the first time!! We're going to try to get together tomorrow. When I screamed, my MIL said she thought I'd seen a rat! lol

Some GREAT FIL went back to the oncologist yesterday for the results of a recent bone scan. The DR said the scan was 100% clear...not even a shadow on it!! Praise the Lord! So, no more chemo for this year. He goes back Dec. 16. They'll watch his PSA level and will decide on future chemo after the first of the year, I think. What a nice break for the holidays though!

Just gotta add a couple pix of our baby Ryleigh over here, even though I have a baby blog. She was 17 weeks old this Tuesday.

I'm so in love!! She just takes my breath away!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A thank you for the Autumn Giveaway

A couple weeks ago, I gave away the stitched pumpkin wallhanging. I got the sweetest thanks today from the winner:

My gosh, I have had the worst 5 days ever. I developed a virus and it has settled in my back making things almost unbearable. I am toughing it out here at work but this thing is really taking me for a beating. If I don’t take an Alieve then I am in a lot of pain.
Well imagine my surprise when I got home yesterday and there was a package lodged in the door! I totally forgot about putting in for your free giveaway and I was so thrilled that I sat on the couch and cried! I have been feeling so miserable and that put back some joy in life again. I can’t wait to go home later & hang it up! It is even better than what the picture looked like! I can’t thank you enough for it. Jerri Sikel


Monday, October 27, 2008


I've received an award from Peper Creek Gatherings. Thank you!!
I'm supposed to list 6 things I love and then award this to 6 other Kreativ Bloggers.
Here goes...
1. I love the crisp air of autumn.
2. I love the smell of a campfire.
3. I love the first snowfall of winter.
4. I love my baby girl Ryleigh.
5. I love the Lord.
6. I love too many thing to just list 6! lol

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whatcha workin' on Wednesday

Well, I cannot tell a lie. lol My biggest, most important project today was to take a bath!! hahaha

I am a new mom and let me tell you, for someone who loves her long soaks in the tub, this is tough!!

I tried to take a bath last night. Ten minutes into my soak, Ryleigh started screaming. Of course, it was daddy's night to work late. So, I got out, got her bathed and changed and fed, got back into the tub and was way too tired to even care so I got back out!! lol I hadn't had a shower since Sunday, but life goes on, huh?

Last Wednesday, I started working on an old cabinet. I painted it black. I'll post pix soon. While out on the porch painting the cabinet, I saw my old rocking chair that I've been meaning to paint for a while, so I painted that black too. Well, I couldn't very well not paint the little blue bench black, so I painted that too!!

This is a before pic of the rocker. It was blue w/ a prim star painted on it. Nothing wrong with the blue, etc. but it was a color scheme I used at our last home and I wanted a change.

Does anyone else get paint all over them like I do?? lol

Little blue bench I got at Goodwill for $2.99. It is now black! And, dust-free! lol


My colonoscopy is scheduled for Nov. 17. I hope I can go that long. I was awakened last night from a dead sleep in so much pain I thought I'd have to go to the ER. It's weird how the pain isn't consistent.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn scenes

I love this old truck. It sits out by the highway and is used to announce the Ratliff Pine Retreat that is down the road from us. Check it out here:
I have an old pew sitting out in the back yard at the entrance to our wooded trails.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

test results

Thank you to everyone for all the prayers! I SO appreciate them!

My CT scan came back normal, so the next step is a colonoscopy. =(

I will know the first of the week when I go for the test.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Prayers, please. =)

I went to the DR yesterday with bad abdominal pain. He ordered a CT scan and blood work STAT. I'm waiting to hear what they found out.

If I take 800 mg of pain meds, I can function, otherwise I'm in so much pain I'm bawling.

I also started antibiotics the first of Oct. for another chronic sinus infection. The meds haven't really helped much.

Please remember me in your thoughts and prayers! I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Going back home

I talked about my grandparents home in a post a couple weeks ago...about how they didn't have indoor plumbing until 1981 and so on.
Read that post here:

I've only been back to my grandpa's house 3 or 4 times in the past 20 years. However, just a day or two after reminiscing in a blog post, we took an unexpected trip to his house to deliver a bed for him.

Nothing, nothing, nothing has changed in his house. It all looks exactly the same from my childhood in the 70's. And, it has many of the same elements as when my mom was a child in the 40's. Same floor in the kitchen, etc.

I think my husband nearly passed out while we were there (lol) and I nearly choked to death from the dust, but I was able to look beyond all the junk and be transported to my childhood days spent at this very house. We didn't have toys there-we used our imaginations! We made mudpies, slept out under the stars (tried to anyway, until we got too scared!), ate apples straight from the tree, walked in the woods, walked to cousins' houses, walked walked walked. Never thought about sitting in front of television. Speaking of television, my Grandma always kept a clothespin on the TV's electrical cord at the wall plug-in to remind herself to unplug the TV when not in use. It'd been struck by lightning once and she didn't want it to happen again. She also kept a clothespin in her car. Whenever she turned her headlights on , she put the clothespin on the "knob" so she'sd remember to turn her lights off later. Of course, that was back when you had to pull a knob to turn your lights on and the high beam thingie was on the floor and you clicked it with your foot! lol

I took lots of pictures while at Grandpa's. My mom was mortified I think because to her, all the junk represents something she never wanted to be. I think it is why she hates the primitive look. She doesn't understand why someone would intentionally distress furniture, etc. I understand her feelings. She lived in this. I just visited and had fun! lol

Before I get started on the photos, my Grandpa's father, John Crockett was the nephew of Davy Crockett! His mom, Daisy Belle Crockett was a spitfire. Short little thing that chewed 'baccy! lol She lived to be almost 100 and passed away in about 1980. My great-grandma Daisy Belle is the inspiration for the name of our adoption blog,

My grandpa Russell (Jack) Cox meets his great-granddaughter, our little girl Ryleigh for the 1st time. Papaw said "HE's a cute little feller!" LOL
Papaw is 95. He is a World War 2 veteran, serving our country in the Navy. He still remembers the name of his ship but rarely talks about details.

The blue box sits in the living room. It used to store coal but now stores wood. He'll have it heaped up pretty soon. All his coats and hats still hang above and around the wood box.

The woodstove that sits in the middle of the living room, by the blue box.

There's a cupboard behind this old curtain. They store canned goods and things in this. I think it's the same curtain mamaw hung there in the 80's. The old door to the left of the cupboard leads to papaw's room.

The only cabinets in the kitchen. I peeked in them the other day and there's stuff in there from the 60's and 70's. Old medicine bottles, spices and so on. Ugh.

This is the wall behind the stove. Yes, I'm serious. The curtains hung in our house in the 70's and have hung in papaw's house since about 1980. They've never been taken down and washed. Double ugh. The spice rack has been there from at least the 1970's. The white thing in the bottom right corner is a calendar. There were calendars everywhere! I think this one was from 2004.

The front porch.

A string of old canning jar rings hangs from a nail on the porch.

Other stuff hanging in the porch

Still using the same phone.

Old cracker tin

This is the very sink I refered to in the previous post!

The outside of the house, looking at the front porch. In the center, you can see that dark thing leaning to the right...that's the old separator I brought home.

This window belongs to my mamaw's old room. She passed away in 1987 when I was a senior in high school. As a child, I always slept on a cot in her room when I visited. Each night, we would do the same things...rub on some Ben Gay on whatever ached and suck on Halls Menthol cough drops. LOL Then, we'd pray "Now I lay me down to sleep...: and we'd sing a few old songs. My favorites were The Mockingbird Hill, Gene Autry Songs, Patsy Cline songs & "I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill". In warm weather, we'd open this window...and I can still hear the whipporwills calling out to this very day. I rarely hear a whipporwill these days, but when I do, I'm immediately transported back to my carefree childhood days of summer spent on the little cot in Mamaw's room at night.

Here's the outhouse my mom got bit by a snake in. I think she was 14. She's now 63.

My Uncle Don lives at home. He was telling us a story about his dog chasing a skunk the day before and the skunk turning around and chasing the dog!

Remains of an old fence in their yard

I'd also mentioned in that previous post about being baptized in a horse trough at a country church. We stopped by the church. The trough was just beyond the white railing. Mom said they have a baptistry in the church now.

The back of the country church.

Going "home" last week was good for my soul. Thanks for coming along with me on the journey!

Whatcha workin' on Wednesday

Well, I've always got too many projects going on at once, but my main ones are trying to figure out what to do with the separator (see an earlier post) and then re-doing this old wardrobe cabinet.

I've drug it outside on the front porch and plan to start working on it in a few. It's hot out and so humid! Ugh! It's never this warm in Oct. in Indiana! lol

I got the cabinet a few years ago. Our church was having a community day rummage sale. A friend had her booth right next to mine. She had this marked $75. I told her I loved it...and she said I could HAVE it!!! We went round and round. She said it had been in storage for eons and she just wanted it gone. WOOHOO!! Remember how people put wallpaper inside these way back when? This still had the dry brittle paper on the inside walls. The wooden rod is still there. I can't imagine this being someone's "closet"!

Anyway, I've been using it "as is" for too long now. It sits right outside my kitchen and houses the trash can, brooms, mops and other supplies.

So, I'm gonna grab me a diet Pepsi and head out to the garage to see what color paints I've got out there. I'd better have me some black! lol

And the winner is....

We had 11 sign-up for the free autumn giveaway. Each entry was assigned a number according to the order you signed up.

My "Official" way (LOL) of choosing a winner...I hollered at my hubby, who was in the kitchen, to choose a number between 1 and 11 and he hollered back "Why?" LOL and I hollered back "cause!" He hollered back "7"

And so the winner is..............................................................

JERRI SIKEL!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Jerri!

Thank you to everyone else who signed up!!! Be watching for more awesome giveaways to come!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What to do?

This old separator sat in my grandparents yard for decades. We brought it home, hosed off all the mud and I'm still wondering what I can do with it.

My grandma, who passed away 19 years ago, always stuck plastic flowers in it. lol

My mom, who hates the primitive look, says I need to spray paint it. My thoughts were, YIKES! lol

But, I'm wondering what you think. Please give me some great ideas!

I do have a covered front porch that it will sit on.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Be careful what you think...
Your thoughts become your words...
Your words become your actions...
Your actions become your habits...
Your habits become your character.
Your character is everything.
I saw this saying on the wall of a local restaurant and liked it so much I wrote it down on a scrap of paper.

Montana weather

My friend Jerri Lynn lives in Montana, near Billings. She took this photo at her house last Saturday:
And she took this photo of the same scene today!:

Her poor pumpkins are buried! They are to get 19" of snow this weekend!

It's 80* at my house, which is really weird for October!

Autumn in my neck of the woods

I turned into our driveway a couple days ago and liked how the sun was splaying across the yard and the big tree in front of our house.

I took this pic of the cornfield across the road today.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Relishing one of life's simplest pleasures

A moment of solace, relishing one of life's simplest pleasures. My favorite chair. And nothing to do. With my knees tucked up underneath my chin and my arms wrapped around my legs, I nestle back to take in the evening's grand display. Before I know it, I am engulfed by the infinite oranges and pinks emblazoned across the sky. An instant explosion of colors. My soul bursts with joy just to receive this gift of wonder. Can any other moment compare with this one? As the sun slowly dips beneath the horizon, the moment slips away, leaving behind the distinct sensation that God is near, that He is here.--Wendy Greenberg

Autumn Giveaway!

In the spirit of the season, I'm offering this super prim wall-hanging. It is framed in off white, has a fabric background of green and tan ticking. There's a layer of black felt onto which pumpkins are stitched . So cute!
This measures 2 feet wide and 8.75" tall.
All you have to do to enter is give me your name in the comments section. Make sure that I can email you in case you're the winner!
I'll draw the winner on Tuesday, Oct. 14. Good luck!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cards for a Cause

Today I came across a web site called Cards for a Cause. Linda Coughlin of Miami makes beautiful cards to sell and gives the profits to a Charity of the Month.

The October Charity of the Month is the Susan G. Komen Foundation, dedicated to curing breast cancer at every stage - from the causes to the cures, to the pain and anxiety of every moment in between.

Please stop by and see what Linda has to offer!

Here's one of Linda's creations:

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ummm, toilet paper?

Our nephew Jordan is a college student. If you've ever been a college student, you know there's never any money for anything!! lol

Jordan called his grandma and told her the things he needed, one being toilet paper. My FIL thought it would be funny for them to give Jordan "hillbilly toilet paper" as he called it and he cleaned up this corn cob real good for Jordan! lol

Not sure why, but he didn't even want to touch it!! lol

YES! Jordan is really tall! About 6' 7" I think!

Autumn Card Swap

I'm in the process of hostessing an Autumn card swap. This is my card. It didn't come out like I thought, but then I didn't have a plan in mind, really. I did brown Kraft envelopes and lined them with matching paper. The card opens in the middle.