Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A thank you for the Autumn Giveaway

A couple weeks ago, I gave away the stitched pumpkin wallhanging. I got the sweetest thanks today from the winner:

My gosh, I have had the worst 5 days ever. I developed a virus and it has settled in my back making things almost unbearable. I am toughing it out here at work but this thing is really taking me for a beating. If I don’t take an Alieve then I am in a lot of pain.
Well imagine my surprise when I got home yesterday and there was a package lodged in the door! I totally forgot about putting in for your free giveaway and I was so thrilled that I sat on the couch and cried! I have been feeling so miserable and that put back some joy in life again. I can’t wait to go home later & hang it up! It is even better than what the picture looked like! I can’t thank you enough for it. Jerri Sikel


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Char said...

How wonderful!...sometimes we don't even know how we can touch anothers life!