Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whatcha workin' on Wednesday

Well, I cannot tell a lie. lol My biggest, most important project today was to take a bath!! hahaha

I am a new mom and let me tell you, for someone who loves her long soaks in the tub, this is tough!!

I tried to take a bath last night. Ten minutes into my soak, Ryleigh started screaming. Of course, it was daddy's night to work late. So, I got out, got her bathed and changed and fed, got back into the tub and was way too tired to even care so I got back out!! lol I hadn't had a shower since Sunday, but life goes on, huh?

Last Wednesday, I started working on an old cabinet. I painted it black. I'll post pix soon. While out on the porch painting the cabinet, I saw my old rocking chair that I've been meaning to paint for a while, so I painted that black too. Well, I couldn't very well not paint the little blue bench black, so I painted that too!!

This is a before pic of the rocker. It was blue w/ a prim star painted on it. Nothing wrong with the blue, etc. but it was a color scheme I used at our last home and I wanted a change.

Does anyone else get paint all over them like I do?? lol

Little blue bench I got at Goodwill for $2.99. It is now black! And, dust-free! lol


My colonoscopy is scheduled for Nov. 17. I hope I can go that long. I was awakened last night from a dead sleep in so much pain I thought I'd have to go to the ER. It's weird how the pain isn't consistent.

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Peper Creek Gatherings said...

Hi I just found your blog! It's great. I ALWAYS get paint on myself... I joke, that if I'm not painted.. I haven't been working!
Nice to meet you.

Peper Creek Gatherings said...

Come on over- I have an award for you! Justina

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Michelle,
I can't wait to see the pictures of the things you painted when they're all done! Yes, I get paint on me too! :)
Hope you post pictures soon.
Hugs~ Birgit