Monday, May 25, 2009

A new project & an antiques shop find

I decided to try a new project, so I got some tulle, elastic and my scissors...

and this is the result:

I'm selling custom tutu's on my selling blog: ryleighemajane

I found this old wooden tool carrier at an antiques shop for $12.
This is what I've done with it so far:

And here's some pix I took last week. It was almost dark when I took them:

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Crows on the Cupola said...

Hey there, I love your photos, the tutu's are adorable. I love the flowers against the old wood.. that's so neat. Thanks for sharing!
Deb :)

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Love the tutu!


Angie said...

Adorable Tu Tu (and little girl!) and beautiful photography. Thanks for sharing.

the primitive country bug said...

Well, you already know I just love the tutu, little Ryleigh is the perfect model. :)
The pictures you took are fantastic! Are they from your place? I like the idea of planting flowers in old hollowed out logs.
Hugs & blessings to you dear friend~ Birgit

sherri said...

You are too dang talented! Beautiful!

jerri said...

She is so adorable, I feel like we have a better sense of who she is now due to the wonderful videos you have sent us! I loved them all this weekend, she is just too sweet! The girls love watching her too, Landynn can’t quite understand yet that Indiana is a little ways away, not close like Red Lodge to go & visit, lol!

Keep sending the videos, we love them! The tutu is cute too!

dr. palmer said...


Idea!! You could include matching tops with them; you know the ones that snap at the crotch that are made of stretchy material, in colors that match the tutu. I know there is a name for them, but I cannot recall (old age)? Another idea, you could include matching leotards that match the top. My sister was a ballerina, so I am familiar with these, sort of, been a long time. These could be optional accessories.

I think this is a neat idea. Good Luck! Ry is really growing up, so cute.


Jessica @ Colorado Crafter said...

I love your photos and the way you've used the logs.

The tutu you made is adorable and of course the red, white and blue looks good! I've been thinking about making a tutu for my daughter, she's into ballerinas lately. :)

Crystal said...

The tool box looks great!