Friday, March 13, 2009

Question about sewing

There's something I want for Ryleigh but don't want to pay a ton of money I went and bought myself some fabric and a sewing machine! I'm not gonna tell you what it is I'm making....I'll be posting pix!! LOL

My question is....what's the trick to getting your thread to go smoothly on the bobbin? I think I wasted half a spool of thread yesterday trying to get it right!
I continued to hold the tail end of the thread while the bobbin was spinning the new thread on. Am I supposed to let go of it? I tried to go slow and easy on the foot pedal,
All the thread ends up at the bottom of the bobbin in a big wad. Help! I "sew" have no clue what I've doing! hahaha
Additional Pic:OK, see how terrible the thread is on the bobbin? Also, see how horrible the stitches are on the piece of fabric? The piece you see is the underside of my project. Is this happening because the bobbin is such a mess?
Justina has been kind enough to send me personal emails about my sewing mess, so I'm going to share them here in case anyone else needs help. Or, maybe it's just me?? LOL
I mean, have you ever seen such a mess of thread?? I was so exasperated yesterday, that I got up from the table where I'm "sewing", walked into the kitchen to get something...came back to the sewing table and realized I'd strung thread somehow from one room to the other and back!! The hubby comes home and walks into something in the "air" and says "What in the world??" yep, it was a web of tangled pink thread from the dining room to the kitchen. I mean, Really! Am I the only one talented enough to use up a whole spool of thread in like, 15 minutes?? Then, later, hubby walks around with a trail of pink thread stuck to his shoe like toilet paper! hahahaha
Justina wrote: Yikes! I'd say unravel all that thread and start over... Yes the underside may look like that because your bobbin is a HUGE (I may say) MESS! LOL! When you get it all nice looking on the bobbin, try again. If it still looks like that you may have to adjust the tension. send me a pic of the sewing machine.. the tension is most likely a knob on the front with numbers. I always have mine set at 3. Also when you put your bobbin in it's holder that goes underneath the needle plate thingie.. take the thread and guide it through (it should kind of slip underneath a metal clip thingie:0) make sure you give your thread a tug. The bobbin should turn counter clockwise. :0) confused yet?

OK- I've made a beautiful bobbin full of thread, thanks to guiding the thread on with my left hand. I adjusted the tension on the bobbin holder thingie per the instructional manuel. I adjusted the top thread tension as well. I STILL get the wads of thread on the bottom of the fabric!!! HELP!

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Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

Its SO funny that you posted about this because the SAME THING happens to me all of the time! I keep complaining to my hubby that I need a new machine but apparently its not the machine, its the user:)

I dont know what to say to make it easier for you but I am hoping some one does so I can have an easier time as well:)

kim said...

On my machine I let go of the "tail"(clipped short) on top of the bobbin but do manipulate the thread as it winds because I think it doesn't wind evenly to me. I also have the "pedal down":) Maybe this will help. take care

Justina said...

I think I know what your talking about.??? LOL When your holding on to the thread (from the spool) and you have the foot pedal down.. the bobbin is going around and around... move your hand (with the thread) up and down slowly while the bobbin is spinning.

My machine is older, but the thingie :0) that is holding the bobbin as you are threading it moves over to the right so when the bobbin is full of thread, it stops winding. hope that helps.

Michelle said...

Justina-I'm talking about holding the "tail" of the thread in my right hand. Am I supposed to be holding the thread from the spool and guiding it as it winds on the bobbin?

Justina said...

Ahh. On the bobbin sides (round) there are little holes. Put the thread into the hole then put your bobbin on it's little spinner deal. If yours pushes over to the right, do so. It's hard since I don't have a pic. Send a close up one he he! Then your spool of thread should sit on another post.. I never used the guide, I just use my left hand and hold the thread with a finger, then move it up and down while the bobbin is going round and round. Does that make sense? When your bobbin is full ~ clip the little thread that you out through the hole off. Hope it helps...

Terri said...

I'm a novice seamstress myself. I downloaded this file: to solve some of my simple problems. Maybe it will be helpful to you!

Michelle said...

Thank you, Terri. I read the info you sent, did everything it said and the machine still is nuts. lol We packed it up last night and I'm going to return it or exchange it.