Monday, March 16, 2009

For Sale or Trade

I have two HUGE dolls that I'd like to sell or trade. I paid about $50 each for them, so I think I'd like to get $25 each, plus shipping. They are quite heavy, so I think shipping would be about $20-$22 for both in the same box. However, if you only want one, just let me know.

The first one is a black doll that is about 35" tall. Her face, hands & feet are stiffened & grubbied.
She has yarn braids. She is holding a pineapple and she's wearing a cheesecloth apron. She's got bog 'ol feet! lol Stitched nose & mouth

This next doll is about 28" tall. She has a stitched nose & huge lips! lol Wooden button prim necklace.Her dress is blue & burgundy & tan. Tan & burgundy homespun bloomers.

For this pic below, I opened the tape measure to 1 foot so you can get a picture in your mind of how tall they are. They both have sand in their bottoms so they sit up on their own. =)

I am open to selling them together OR separate. I'm also willing to trade. Things I like include:

Stamping & scrapbooking supplies
Cricut cartridges
Altered art items
LOTS of things....I'll have to do some thinking and add to the list! lol
CANDLES! I LOVE candles! lol

I found two more things to sell or trade! lol

The above is a print of prim raggedys! No frame...just a print. I have two.
I'll take $5 for each, which includes shipping. Unless you want the dolls above too, then I'll take $2 per print. Make sense? lol The prints are 1 foot wide and 5" tall.

Here's a smaller framed version. It's 9.25" X 5.25", frame included. $7, which includes postage. If I include it in a box with the doll(s), price is $3.50.
Buy or trade!

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