Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time away & A Giveaway & A Selling Blog!!

Hubby, baby & I went away for a couple days to Nashville, IN. It's about 2 hours south of us. It isn't far from where I grew up. It's an artist village full of fantastic shops!

The motel or "inn" we stayed in was a place we've stayed before. We had a separate living room and kitchen, so because of the extra space we had, we invited my mom, sister and Grandpa up to see us on Sunday afternoon. They hadn't seen Ryleigh since Christmas, so it was a lot of fun!

Then, the next day I surprised my mom by showing up at her apartment in Bloomington so that she could see Ryleigh again. Grandpa was there. He is 95, I believe. Here he is with my baby girl, his great-granddaughter. He always says she's a "cute little feller!" lol

Grandpa is my last living grandparent. He is a WWII Navy veteran. He has the funniest sense of humor!!

The above table and chairs is the exact spot hubby and I had our first date...it was in September 1991! It's at a little restaurant in Nashville and we ate there again today. AHHH...the memories!! That first date, we sat there for 3 hours...talking and talking and talking. It was wonderful! Right afterwards, we took a horse and carriage ride around town.
This July, we'll celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary!

The above photo is of the outside of my favorite shop in Nashville. It's called Michael's Flower Shop. I'm always SO inspired when I go in there. It's a total sensory overload experience that never fails to encourage and inspire me. This photo was taken on the side of the shop. There's a little trail that wonders around back.

This is the countertop at Michael's! They cut out photos from magazines and redo the counter every season! This is only a small portion of it! It's FAB!

A small glimpse of a section in Michael's.

Stacks and stacks of quilts in Michael's.

Loved these dark red pieces in Michael's.

Some Easter goodies in Michaels

Loved the sun coming in through the window. The sun just made these glass bottles and vases sing!

A snowman corner in Michael's.

Prim stitcheries all lined up

This corner held an eclectic mix of things. I couldn't resist taking a photo of this bright and funky chandelier!

Another bright chandelier mixed in with some Easter goodies

A corner of prim/country Raggedies

The front entrance to the shop

My Michael's purchase: a wool penny rug and ornament:

The photo below is of the Story Inn. It was built in 1851. It still serves FABULOUS food! Please take a minute and read about the Inn here

The next 2 pix are the outside of another favorite shop. It was closed so I didn't get
to go in this trip.

Next 3 pix were taken outside the General Store.

We always eat at the Artist Colony Inn. The decor is awesome! We sat by the roaring fire and by the window shown below in the second photo.

As always, we had a wonderful time away. But, it's always good to come home!
Making Lemonade Design Team has an awesome giveaway going on! Check it out here!
And, my final piece of news for the day is I've started a selling blog! I'll be closing my web site in a day or so and I'll be listing my items on my selling blog. It's called Peterson Creek Mercantile. I hope you'll check it out!

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anne said...

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the primitive country bug said...

Oh all those pictures make me want to go on a prim outing! So much to look at in all those wonderful shops.
Your grandpa looks like he's quite happy to be holding your little blessing. How wonderful for both of them!
Your new selling blog looks great too! I LOVE the backgrounds!! I hope it works out well for you.
Hugs~ Birgit