Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Old Farm & Sunset

Someone we know owns this old farm. They don't live in the house, but I think it's been in their family for many years. We drove by it today and I just had to take some photos! I took them with my cell phone, in the rain to boot, so the pix aren't that great but I wanted to share them nonetheless.

This old wagon sits in the side yard.

In the barn, I saw the remains of this old rocking chair and old linolium flooring.

This sign was in the barn too. I have no idea what a sea oat is, but I loved the sign!

Outside the old barn

Another old wagon. This one is in the back yard

Old railroad ties rack hanging at the back door.

This is sitting on the front porch

Light fixture at front door.

I took the sunset pic a few nights ago here at home. This is overlooking a neighbors field. Took this with my cell phone too.

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