Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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I have to list 6 random things about myself and then tag 6 others.
Let's see...

1. A secret dream of mine for many, many years is to write a Christian fiction novel. I have one started in an old spiral bound notebook. I wrote a couple of chapters, panicked and packed it away somewhere! lol. It seems I have a fear of failure and a fear of success. I recently had my first print article published in The Country Register and the editor responded to my statement that I'd always wanted to be a writer with "You already ARE a writer!" That made me feel good. =)

2. Although I'm not teaching right now, I taught Sunday School for almost 20 years! And I'm only 37!

3. I'm from the rolling hills of southwestern IN. My Grandparents pastored a tiny church on White River. My Grandma was an old-time fire & brimstone preacher and she baptized people in the river. When I wanted to get baptized, my Grandma was dying of breast cancer and couldn't baptize me, so she sent me to a nearby church that was pastored by a young man under her tutelage. I was baptized on a cool autumn day outside in a horse trough! It was September 1981 and I was 10 years old.

4. I am not a "phone talker". I'd rather email! lol

5. My other grandparents were from the same area in southwestern IN. They live WAY out in the country. (My grandma is deceased). I was 10 years old (1981) when they got indoor plumbing! 1981! They used a hand pump on the kitchen sink to wash dishes prior to that. And of course there was an outhouse. My mom got bit on the leg by a snake in that outhouse! Grandpa was so stingy with the water when they got indoor plumbing that I remember he'd run the bathroom sink full of water in the morning and put the stopper in. Everyone was to use that same water ALL day to wash their hands! He thought it such a waste for each to run clean water to wash their hands. Never mind it was well-water! lol I never told him I didn't use that dirty water to wash my hands in! Grandpa is now 93 and I wonder if he still remembers all that? He's pretty sharp most days. Both sets of grandparents have tin roofs on their houses.

6. I am on the hunt for an old log cabin that someone will give to me free or really cheap. I want to dismantle it and reassemble it on our property for a primitive shoppe!

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the primitive country bug said...

Michelle, I loved learning more about you. Yes, I think you should dig out that book and keep going! Make it a nice romance. Amanda loves romance books and it's hard to find good, clean christian ones.
Also, I love hearing about your grandparents. How funny is your grandpa!
Hugs to you~