Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seasons of Change

There's a definite chill in the air at night the 40's last night...and I'm thrilled that autumn is knocking on my door.

I love everything about autumn:

  • warm days, chilly nights

  • rustle of the dried corn stalks in the fields around our house

  • Indian corn

  • from-scratch, hot fried apple donuts from a neighboring orchard

  • pumpkin patches

  • wearing big sweatshirts

  • scarecrows

  • festivals

  • red, yellow and orange leaves

  • walking through deep fallen leaves and kicking them up with my feet

  • spice scented candles

  • bonfires

  • hayrides

  • hot chocolate

  • kettle corn

  • s'mores

The list goes on and on! I LoVe AuTuMn!

For me, autumn brings good changes. I'm not a big fan of hot, humid summer days. I'd take 70* temps year round!

Sometimes though, change can be so hard. Especially when you know you've made the changes you needed to make to do what you need to do and be what you need to be, but you aren't supported by others whom you thought would support you. When you know you're in the place that God has chosen for you, somehow, it has to be OK that others don't support you if they so choose and you have to find peace anyway. Something better will come along!

And so it's the same with autumn. I love it. I can't wait for it to come in full-swing. But the sad thing with autumn for me is the change that follows- winter. Each year I just batten down the hatches and trust that as usual something better will come along eventually... in the form of spring.

2 Kind words & kindred thoughts::

the primitive country bug said...

Oh Michelle, I love the new photo's you've added to your blog. Ryleigh is so adorable and I can't believe your leaves have changed that much already!

Michelle said...

These fall pix were taken previously. Our leaves are just now starting to turn! =)