Friday, September 11, 2009

My Goodwill Finds!

My first find was the chair for $6.99. More than I would've like to have paid, but I really needed it, so I went for it. I've already got the first coat of black paint on it. I have a built in desk in my kitchen and needed a chair there...but didn't want an office chair, although that is what the previous home owners used.

Then next find was the star mirror! It's actually quite large and painted in a pale yellow. It was $4.99. I might sell it if anyone is interested. I just couldn't leave it at the store! LOL

I found the penny rug/sheep plate for $1.99!

The large P is perfect for us! (Peterson). It's black with mustard yellow underneath. No need to change it up! I paid $5.99. It weighs as much as my 14 month old baby. It's going to go on the mantle, I think.

Then, lastly, I found the snowman "Winter Tyme" crock. It's by Roseville and was $2.99. Too cute!

I'll post more pix once I get my goodies settled in their "new homes". LOL

I never find these kinds of goodies at our GW, but my in law's just moved to Indianapolis and they have at least THREE GW's within 3 miles of their house!! I've only hit one of the GW's but plan on going to the others ASAP.

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Janene said...

It looks to me as though you hit the mother lode of GW stores...3 within 3 miles...I am drooling!
I love what you purchased so far!!
Have a great weekend!

stefanie said...

wow, you would never have thought you got those at goodwill, looks like you were at a fall craft fair

Jessica @ Colorado Crafter said...

As a sheep lover I am loving that sheep plate the most! What great finds! I haven't had luck at the thrift stores yet.

The chair is awesome, I am wanting to find chairs for our table. A friend gave us a round table but I don't like the chairs that came with it. They have wicker bottoms and it feels like we are going to fall thru when we sit on them. lol Plus the style is not what I like.

the primitive country bug said...

Great finds, Michelle! My goodness, I never find stuff like that at our GW. I hope you post more pictures after you get your new goodies place.
Hugs~ Birgit

Angela said...

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS..I love them all..WOW..fantastic!!!