Monday, October 5, 2009


Hello All and Happy Autumn! It has arrived in Indiana in full force! The news said it's 10-15* colder here than average....Brrrr...Love me some autumn though! lol

We've been out of town...went to a water park resort in Ohio as well as Dresden, home of the Longaberger Basket company...

The above picture is Longaberger office's an actual building that is the largest basket in the world!

This basket above is a basket in the town of Dresden.

Driving by the building...
How would you like to work in a basket??

We've been making trips to see my mom. She is 2 hours south of us...after spending 84 days in the hospital and nursing home, she is back home! She thought she would be happy at home, but she isn't. She's finding it very hard to take care of herself. It's a difficult situation for all of us, at best. She finally got out yesterday...she wanted to go to KFC for dinner....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A couple weeks ago, my father in law got bad news concerning his prostate cancer. Waiting on results of latest bone scan. Maybe I'll post more later on that...
It's official!! Our house is for sale!
Where we live now, we have no family near us. Since Ryleigh's arrival, having family and friends around is now more important than ever! We plan on moving to Indianapolis when our house sells...we'd then be close to my hubby's family as well as mine.

You can view our house listing here:

We're keeping our fingers crossed that it sells before the snow flies! lol
I'm so honored to be featured at Down the Handmade Path
for the hand-did cards & addy labels I make and sell at
Peterson Creek Mercantile.
Thank you!!

I had joined a Harvest swap over at The Pickled Pepper Patch and I received this awesome pumpkin from Judy at Season of the Heart 2nd Generation. Thank you so much Judy!!

And lastly, my little munchkin is doing great! She turned 15 months old Oct. 1!! Her 14th & 15th teeth are coming in! She is so super busy and into everything! She is such a joy though!

Well, that catches me up on my news, I think! lol Hope you are all well!

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mommynoodles said...

"GOD" is in control!! I will keep all your going through in my prayers!! Have a "BLESSED" week!!

the primitive country bug said...

Sorry I've been mia. We've been having computer issues and have been without the computer for almost a week now. No e-mail or internet.
Sorry to hear about your f-i-l. I hope your mom finds each day getting easier.
Ryleigh is just adorable with that big flower on her head. :)
Hugs~ Birgit

Lisa said...

Love the pumpkin.