Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well, our new little finally arrived on July 1. =) She's precious!!

My in-law's stayed 14 days! I think my step-MIL is going to have to have knee surgery soon. She's still in both casts.

My in-laws made the trip to the oncologist today in Indy. He wants my FIL to have a couple more treatments of chemo, at least. The next is July 24.

With the arrival of our baby, our 15th wedding anniversary came and went with little fan-fair. LOL We had planned on doing something huge until we found out we'd be adopting a baby. We'd talked about a trip to Australia. Turns out, we were in the hospital on our anniversary, July 3. We did get to bring our little one home that night for the first time. What a gift!

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