Saturday, June 7, 2008


Illness of some sort is everywhere, it seems.

My father-in-law is so sick from the effects of chemo. The chemo is working on the cancer, but it's ravaging his body. I think he went to the DR 4 times last week. His last visit was for a chest x-ray, checking for pneumonia.

He's carrying terrible infections in his eyes from the chemo and he also has MRSA now. He's got 3 or 4 antibiotics going at the same time. And, Tuesday is chemo day. I'm going to call the oncologist and let him know everything that is going on and see if we're still on for chemo. If not, it would save everyone the drive to Indianapolis if we knew before hand. Especially since gasoline is now $4.19/gallon. =(

I've been on antibiotics for about 20 days. I just can't shake these sinus infections. I keep putting off the sinus surgery, but...

Fred is sick too. He has slept all weekend and I'm so glad. Except that we missed church today.

And, please, everyone, pray for my friend Alison. She is 26 and is battling cancer. She's a fighter with a beautiful spirit! I know she and her hubby Thomas would appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

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