Saturday, June 7, 2008


We've stayed in close to home today. We've had a rough two weeks-weather wise and today is no different. Several counties in IN have been declared emergency disasters. Two interstates have portions closed due to flooding, etc. Many people today are being evacuated from their flooded homes by boat. Very scary scenes on TV today.

We've been busy getting ready for Ryleigh to arrive. Our birth mom can go any day now. We've been packing our suitcase, etc. So exciting!!

Tomorrow after church we're going to a family dinner near Delphi, IN.

We moved our living room furniture around today. That's the first time we've moved it since we've lived here...Dec. 2005! Growing up, my mom moved the furniture around every month I think and I've just not been one to want to move things around too much. But, so far we like the new lay out! =)

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