Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alison Francis Kline

Thomas & Alison Kline
I just found out that my beautiful friend, Alison Kline passed away today. She was 26 years old and battled cancer fearlessly. She had an inner light that radiated across the miles.

I feel knocked down on my knees.
I believed and trusted God for her healing.

I find strength in knowing she's received the ULTIMATE healing.
No more pain. No more suffering.
God makes no mistakes.

Those of you reading this, please remember her husband Thomas in your prayers, as well as their families. You can read Thomas' blog at:
While Alison's time on this earth was short, I'll never forget her. Her courage. Her love. Her enthusiasm for life.
I'm a better person for having known Alison Francis Kline.

2 Kind words & kindred thoughts::

Alma said...

oh michelle. i am soooo sorry.
my heart is breaking for Tom and the family.
his blog is awesome even in such a devasting time.
please know my prayers are with you sweetie.!!!

Birgit said...

Thanks Michelle, for letting me know. I was just praying for Alison again this morning. I had been checking their blog randomly for updates of her. The last posts are the hardest and the saddest. I’ll continue to keep Thomas and the families in my prayers.