Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where's my pellet gun??

Every night, a raccoon is tearing the bird feeders out of the tree right off the right porch. It is tearing down the hummingbird feeder and twisting the bottom off of it! I'm tired of filling it back up! I haven't done so in a week. Today, I was sitting in the LR and a hummer came and hovered, staring in the picture window at me as if to say, "Come on lady!!! Fill that feeder back up!!".
The other night, we heard this awful clatter after we'd gone to bed. We went out to investigate and found a mess on the front porch. My "new-to-me" table was knocked over and everything on it was on the porch floor. A raccoon looked up at us through the porch rails like a victim or something!
Gonna get my pellet gun loaded and he'll think "victim!"

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