Saturday, January 20, 2007

Having too much fun around here

Brrrr....It's cold today! 19*! And, it looks like we might be getting a good snowfall starting tomorrow. It's about time! lol The newspaper said that our year to date average of precip is 1.12" and we've had almost 5.00" of rain so far these first couple of weeks of Jan. Ugh! I'm ready for some snow!!

I've been super busy cleaning out the master bedroom closet. It's a walk-in and my goodness does it hold a lot of stuff!! Ha! That is where we hid all the clutter over the holidays. I spruced up our master bath with plush rugs and a few other neat things. This morning, Fred said being in our nice, clean bathroom made him feel like he was on vacation! lol Now, I've got to tackle our bedroom, which is where I put all the extra stuff from the closet! I've found lots of stuff to give away, so I'm excited about that! I even convinced Fred to part with a few ties and a ball cap! It's a miracle!! lol

The chemo pills are working great for Snoopy's skin ailment. Gosh, they're expensive! $210 a month. Gulp. But, he was so miserable before. His hair was falling out and he was digging himself to the point of infection. Poor baby.

Tonight we are going to a "banquet" of sorts. Every year, our church has an offering contest between the men and the women. The offerings go to Mother's Memorial, which buys appliances for our foreign missionaries, supports Bible School scholarships and more. So, which ever side loses the offering contest has to serve dinner to the winners!! The ladies won last year so we are looking forward to chilling out tonight while the men do all the work! Woohoo! We also will be treated to entertainment, etc. Can't wait!

The year before, the ladies lost. We had SO much fun putting on the dinner! I decorated the fellowship hall with rusted out car parts, including an old bumper. We hung rusty bed springs and tools from the ceiling with fishing twine. The table center pieces were rusty paint cans, etc. filled with weeds. All the ladies wore flannel shirts, those muu-muu housecoats and slippers, etc. Some had rollers in their hair. LOL Then, I printed up a menu. The front read "Road Kill Cafe". Inside the menu were choices like Awesome Possum, Wheels and Grease, Cluck & Worms and tons of other really gross names. The men HAD to order off that menu and they had NO idea what they were getting!! Other options were a pick and a shovel (fork and spoon), so if they didn't order those things, they didn't get any silverware!! It was hysterical!! We had a visiting minister who is so deadpan serious and he was so afraid to order off that menu that he only ended up with mashed potatoes, green beans and a spoon! No meat, no bread, etc. It was so funny!

For entertainment, we did some "You might be a redneck..." jokes that were personalized for our congregation and we had a pig calling contest! Too much fun!

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