Saturday, January 13, 2007

Weird winter

This has been the weirdest winter around here! For the most part, it's been very warm with little snow to speak of! And that is NOT a typical Indiana winter! We've had enough rain to make us think we need to go buy a boat to get around in! When it rains for days on end, all I want to do is sleep! Which is exactly what I've been doing this week. I slept 12 hours last night alone and just got up from a 3 hour nap! Geesh!

I'm throwing my body into shock...I started taking a multi-vitamin today. Plus, since I've been sick for months on end, I'm taking extra Vitamin C and drinking Boost, a nutritional drink. I intend to get healthy!! I'm still waiting to get a promised call from the dietician. It's been 2 weeks. Maybe I should call and see what's up. I'm ready to get my first appointment scheduled!

For those of you who know my beloved 10 year old Black Lab, Snoopy, he has suffered terribly with some type of skin allergy the past few months. We've tried everything- a special diet from the vet, special shampoo from the vet, shots, creams, etc. Nothing. Last week, he got started on a drug that is used by chemo patients. I'm not sure how it helps people, but it has worked wonders on him the past 7 days! The vet said if it helped, he'd take it the rest of his life. The only downside is the cost- it's $7 per pill! But, seeing as how Snoopy is our only child, we consider it worth it!

Snoopy, back in the spring

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