Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Next step in the journey

Well, I took the next step in my journey today and boy, was it painful!! LOL~I joined "Balanced Life" today. It is a local, for women only, nutritional and fitness center. I did two, slow rounds on the fitness equipment today and boy am I feeling it! It's going to be slow going for me, thanks to my painful spine, but slow-going is better than no-going, right? I need to dig out my back brace...the one I'm supposed to wear daily...and take that with me. I will probably stick with one round on the equipment until I get some strength in my back. Every part of me got measured...including my ankles! Then, I had a Body Composition Report. I learned that I have 47.2% body fat (UGH!) and 52.8% lean muscle (YAY!). I also learned that I am dehydrated and need to drink lots more water. (UGH!). My target weight loss goal is 76.2 pounds. Holy cow! lol For me, a really cool part about this place (besides the absence of men!) is that the owner is a Christian family and they blast upbeat Christian music for you to workout to. I think that's awesome!

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