Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I am reading an awesome book by Joyce Meyer called "Look Great Feel Great." I love this part under the topic of "The Wisdom of Investing in Your Health": "I hope to reach many different types of people with this book. One group is the people who have given up on themselves, who consider themselves so little that they've stopped caring if they are tired, overweight, or sick, or if life passes them by without them ever enjoying it! In fact, some of them have given up on everything! They think it is easier not to expect anything good than to expect and be disappointed once again.

In truth, things aren't easier when you give up, because you then have to spend the rest of your life feeling like a failure and making excuses to God for why you aren't using the gift He's given you. What if your mother gives you a beautiful painting but you never get around to framing it? Every time she comes over, you feel guilty, bad, and lazy. You make another excuse, but deep down you know the truth is that you just do not care enough to do it. Well, guess what? God's coming around every day. He knows and sees everything, so it is time to stop making excuses and start making the most of the life God has given you.

Taking care of your life is not an indulgence." ~Joyce Meyer

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