Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Let the journey begin!

Wow! I cannot believe it...my very own blog! lol I'd never thought about having a blog before, but after inspiration from a new friend, Alison, I decided to give it a whirl. I thought it would be a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family, because our lives seem to get busier and busier. But, I'm also doing it for another reason. I'm beginning a "life" makeover and I figure if I share the journey, there will be some accountability involved. But I'm also hoping that something I read, something I hear, something I do, etc. will be a blessing to someone else...will inspire someone else to be the best they can be! Let the journey begin!

3 Kind words & kindred thoughts::

larissa said...

Amen to this, good therapy to let it all out & maybe reach out to others as well!

Love, Jerri

Lydia Gordon said...

You Go Girl!!!!
You know thats so strange My doctor has been telling me for two years now to start thinking about me so about a week ago I went to a new book store we have. I was just looking and as I was about ready to leave I looked over and this book it seemed almost jumped out at me.It's called Mega yoga it's written by a plus size woman Megan Garcia and all the yoga is done by a plus size model Emme. My doctor had told me I had to be very careful because I could really hurt myself with the wrong kind of workout he said yoga would be good for me so I looked at other books and all I could think is I'm never going to look like that woman on the cover. But this book is all about taking care of yourself. No I will probably never look like those other women but I can be the best I can be. And thats also why I love this book it's all about the whole person not just getting thin. When I read it I feel ok about who I'm and about my body it's like it's ok not to be like everybody else but it's not ok to just do nothing. I need to take better care of me and that's what I'm going to do. The Lord is so good to us he takes care of us in so many ways. So I'll pray for you you pray for me and we'll do this kind of together just not in the same place but to reach the same goal. Aunt Bonnie wants to do this with me and I think I'll ask my friend Linda to join us. So lets do this!!!!!
Love Lydia

Michelle said...

YAY! I know that you and Bonnie and maybe Linda and I can all encourage one another, even if hundreds of miles now separate us!! Let the journey being for ALL of us!