Friday, May 25, 2007

Surprise company

Thursday night, we were working outside-Fred on the sidewalk, me, digging dirt and planting flowers. We were filthy. About 9 PM a mini van drives up to the house. We're thinking, OH no! Who in the world?? Surprise! It was Fred's Aunt Doris and his 88 year old Grandma Peterson!!!! By the time they reached our house, they'd been on the road for 12 hours! They'd visited Doris' son and his family in Indianapolis, had driven over to Cincinnati to see another family member, then stopped by our place on their way back home! It was after 10 PM when they left our house and they had a 2 hours drive to get home! Grandma Peterson had dissolved her household a while back and brought us a box of things to remember her by. She brought us photos of my hubby, taken when he was a little boy! And, priceless photos of my late mother-in-law as a young woman! This was the first time Doris and Grandma had been to see our "new" house, so that was fun too. If you've checked out the photos on my web site,, under "My Prim Home" you've seen the photos of Fred's grandparents place in MI...this is where Grandma Peterson raised her family before moving to Indiana. Fred's Grandma is amazing! She is so beautiful and doesn't look a day over 65! What a fun surprise their visit was!

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