Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Whenever Fred sees a snake, he always comes to get me to kill it! He's so funny...he's terribly afraid of snakes.
Last week, he went out to the shed to look for our fishing poles and tackle box and came right back in the house-bringing a shovel into the kitchen. He said, "I've found the fishing stuff, but I also found something else!!" So, he hands me the shovel and out we go. The snake is laying wedged in the boards on the ramp that lead up into the shed. It had been coiled up in the shed, Fred said. The snake wasn't very big-16 or 17 inches long. Fred said we MUST kill it because it WILL get bigger!! LOL. I've got the shovel so he goes for the hoe. The snake just wasn't in a good spot to kill, wedged down between the boards. It got tired of us staring at it and finally went under the shed. The next day, Fred went back out to the shed for something else, opened the door and guess who was laying coiled up in there? By now, I've given our resident snake a name...Sammy.
Last year, we had one in our swimming pool as we were taking it down and I'm surprised Fred didn't chop the pool to bits, trying to kill the snake! It got out in the yard and Fred went running to his truck to slam the door shut "CAUSE THE SNAKE MIGHT GET IN MY TRUCK!!!!" LOL!!!!! You could hear him yelling for a country mile!! And, have you ever seen a snake say, "Hmmm, there's Chevy truck parked over there in the yard, I think I'll mosey right on over and see if I can't hitch a ride!" LOL
Hopefully, Sammy's eating up the mice and bugs and stuff that I really hate! ;)

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To The Moon said...

I was just catching up on your blog- so glad to hear the test results were negative. I hope you find comfort soon girl! You are in my thoughts and prayers! :)