Thursday, August 30, 2007


I had my surgery as scheduled and did great with all things surgery-related. I did get a really bad UTI from the catheter, but have gotten over that with the help of antibiotics. Six days post-op, I was really sick though and my temp got up to 102.5* After talking with the surgeon's office, it was determined that I didn't have a uterine infection, but instead was still suffering from sinus related issues. My antibiotics was changed. I had a high temp for about 8 days!

I went to my regular DR today to follow up on what made me so sick post-op, as he wasn't aware of all that had been happening. I had 3 days of antibiotics left and he said that wasn't enough and gave me another round. I'm having so much trouble catching a breath! Then he gave me an inhaler, plus some Ambien since I'm not sleeping at night anymore. Then, he sent me down to the lab and I had a CAT scan of my head/sinuses. I'll know more from that the end of next week. I guess things are going much better around his office now that he has a new nurse! LOL
He told me that not being able to sleep after all the procedures I had done is normal. He wondered if I was going through a grieving process, knowing that for sure I can't have children now. He said, "You always had that hope before, but now it's gone."

Truthfully, I've been too sick to grieve! But also, I made peace with it pre-op. I mean, I had a "supernatural" peace from the Lord. It was a peace that I knew came from Him. So, post-op, I've only felt relief. No more ups and downs with infertility, no more wishing, hoping, grieving. Thirteen years was long enough! No, I'm not happy about the answer the Lord's given me, but I accept it. Now, to get well and go forward with life!

My DR told me today, "There's a reason for everything. God could have made you a man, but He made you a woman for a reason. God could have done any number of things, but He made you just like you are and He has you in this place for a reason. Now, you need to bless other people's lives. We're only given so much time on this earth and we must fill it by being and doing!" My DR rocks! LOL

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Alison said...

God does have a plan for you and I'm so glad I've been part of it. :)