Friday, August 10, 2007

DR visit

I went to my regular DR (Rousseau) today because I have been sick all week with bronchitis type stuff. When we helped mom move last weekend, I got into a lot of mold and mildew in her old apartment and was Really sick on Sunday and it has just hung on all week. So, off to the DR I went because I HAVE to get well so that I can have my surgery next week!
He said he was very concerned about the junk I'd inhaled. My air way was very swollen and I have a hard time catching a breath. So, he put me on steroids for a few days to give me some relief. He also put me on an antibiotic for 7 days. He said taking the steroid will help my antibiotic to work better. Then, I'm on something else for the drainage, etc.

My blood pressure was 150/101. I wasn't nervous so I don't know what is up with that. He took it again and it was 151/103. My pulse was 110. I was running a temp too, so he hopes the high BP is just because I don't feel well. He said I have to get it checked again over the next few days because I can't go into surgery with it that high. He might put me on some meds to bring it down, he said.

You know all that trouble I had with that nurse of his. He apologized over and over. Then, he asked if I had met his new nurse! He just grinned! No, I hadn't met her! He let the other one go! He said in his French accent, "Mee-shelluh, she was crazy in the head!" LOL He gave me lots of details. Said she was very absent-minded and unorganized and that he just couldn't carry the load by himself. So, he now has a new nurse! He said he didn't feel so bad letting her go as she was able to get another job. We talked about what a nice person she is in general but he said she just wasn't a good fit for him.

I know a lot of people didn't understand why I thought the DR would be on our side, but I knew if I bid my time, it would all work out! He just hugged me and thanked me for speaking up. He said I wasn't the only one who had trouble with her and he said "when you just put it (all the complaints) all together it's just too much!" lol
So YAY! lol
Tonight I started out on 6 Prednisone and 2 antibiotics, so I'm hoping & praying all this mess with clear up.
I know it sounds nuts, but I am looking forward to this surgery! I can't wait to feel well!! Monday I started bleeding very heavily and by Tuesday was wearing 2 overnight pads in a Depends again. A girl can't live like that! lol It really crimps my style to wear a Depends to town!! LOL

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Alison said...

You are too funny! I hope you feel better soon miss. Praying for you. :) Have a wonderful weekend!