Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Baby bird

When we were outside working on the new sidewalk, the racket of this nearby birdhouse was so amazing!! I think there were about 5 babies inside ( I had to get a ladder to look inside. We really enjoyed watching the mama bird bring food to the babies every few minutes. I was hoping I could get two or three babies in the photo, but this one baby was very pushy and very vocal! HA!

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Grandbetty said...

hi michelle, i read your comment on alison's blog and i am so happy to know you are a christian. it is so good knowing that there are people that can touch God when they pray. i go to the Bethel Apostolic Church in connersville, in. i love your baby bird!! oh, by the way i am alison's aunt. she is very special to me, please keep her in your prayers, as i will pray for you.