Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Too much work!

Fred thought he'd repave our driveway all in one day. Our driveway is about 600 feet long. He worked 8 hours on one day, 3-4 hours the next day and only got about half way done! He had two words for this project...NEVER AGAIN! LOL This photo was taken from our living room window when he was at about the half way point in the driveway.

He still has several hours of work until he gets it finished. He always has huge aspirations! =) Always wanting to save a little money by doing things himself...but never again for this project!! lol To tell you how long our driveway is, that's his pick-up truck in the photo! It looks so small!!

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grandbetty said...

hi michelle, when you blog again please read your comments fron your baby bird blog. I forgot to leave a address in case you would like to respond. it is gbetty1@ thnaks and God bless!