Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Whatcha workin' on Wednesday

It's been kind of a lazy day around here today. My baby girl decided to take a nice long nap late this morning, so Mommy did too!

I had my colonoscopy Monday morning. NO cancer! NO polyps! What I do have is spasms in the bowel and I've been given prescription meds for that. However, they don't seem to be working. I still have lots of pain. The DR said if they don't work, then that will help to rule out the spasms as the cause of my pain. He said I may have endometroisos and would have to undergo further testing to make sure.

So, since I haven't been feeling so chipper, I've been catching up on some paper crafts. I made these cards below for a card swap. I usually don't make cards that aren't primitive or more country, but I got a great deal on some card kits last year after Christmas. These kits were originally from Target and I got them at Goodwill for 49 cents for 10 cards & envies!

Also last year, I bought 4 huge punch-out kits at an after-Christmas sale and I thought I might as well do something with them. lol It took about 4 hours total to punch out all the pieces from all 4 12 X 12 kits. I enjoyed the time though. I did one or two kits a day while catching up on my Dr. Phil episodes. lol This mess on the floor is just from one kit!
Some of the larger pieces were pillow boxes, Chinese take-out boxes, cards and other types of containers.

Some of the pieces from 2 kits!
Last night and this morning I made 50 gift card containers. Our church sells gift cards as a fundraiser all year long, so I plan to donate all these containers to them to sell along with the gift cards. Our church is in a multi-million dollar building program, hence the fundraisers.

A couple weeks ago I painted an old cabinet & a rocking chair black. Here's some new photos:

The black cabinet houses our trashcan, brooms, mops, bulk paper towels, trash bags, etc.

It's kind of a unique set-up. Our kitchen is on the right of the small wall, the dining room to the left. Our kitchen has tons of counters and cabinets. We have 37 cabinets & drawers! It's wonderful! But, there's no empty wall space in the kitchen, so there's no place for the trash can, etc. Things might look weird in the pic, but it really does look nice in person and the flow is good.

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~Judy~ said...

Michelle, I just recently foud your blog and am really enjoying it. Glad everything turned out OK with your test. Those containers are beautiful! That is so gracious of you to donate them to your church. They are lucky to get them. I don't remember seeing any of those at Target but I probably just missed them. I have also found some Target products at Goodwill. Your chair and cabinet look great too. Black looks good on EVERYTHING!




Your pictures of the mess on your floor from your crafting makes me laugh so hard!!!!!!!!! I hate that kind of stuff!! i would be screaming so loud because i have tried it so many times and my stuff never, never turns out to look like that! Then I'm left with a mess I have to clean up. Alison's was so good at it too. You've got talent, girl! Grandbetty

Angie said...

LOVE your black cabinet, primitive star and rocking chair - good job painting! Very nice. :)


katou said...

Waouuhhh,what a great job you did doing all those gift cards container for the church.They are all so beautiful.
Hugs .