Friday, April 25, 2008


Fred went back to work yesterday!! He got to work 4 hours yesterday and 4 hours today. He'll get to go full-time on May 1. He did well but was wiped-out when he got home yesterday. I'm so thankful he's better! PTL!

I mowed this week for the first time this season. I was so happy, riding around on my 6-foot-deck Grasshopper zero-turn mower!! Yeehaw!! LOL

We're going to Dayton Ohio for the weekend with Fred's dad and step-mom and her grandson Jordan. Jordan is getting ready to go back to Russia for the summer and his girlfriend Lindsay lives in Dayton. We are all going to stay at a motel, do some shopping, go to church with Lindsay and her family, etc. Just wanted to get away. =)

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-T- said...

Really happy that Fred's getting better. What a struggle for you both!