Monday, April 28, 2008


It's freezing cold! And to think we had the A/C on last week! Now we've got the furnace back on! lol
We're supposed to get snow flurries here tonight and/or "ice pellets" as the radio DJ called it.
We didn't have the furnace on last night and when we got up this morning, the temp in the house was 62*!
We spent the weekend near Dayton Ohio (Troy) with Fred's dad and his wife and her grandson Jordan, who will be heading back to Russia for the summer on May 6. It was so nice to get away and we had wonderful weather. Jordan's girlfriend lives in Troy, so we had dinner at her place Satuday and then went to church with her on Sunday. We had a really good time!
Fred is still working on 4 hours a day, which is plenty right now. Bless his heart.
We had to go get fingerprinted today for the adoption. Our social worker also started the FBI, CPS and local police background checks.
So, we're moving right along. =)

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