Friday, May 2, 2008

Weird Stuff

Ever have a time in your life when a bunch of weird stuff just happens? I seem to be in that zone!

I called my mom today and she didn't even know who I was and when I told her it was her daughter, she asked which one. There's only 2 of us and we sound nothing alike, so that was weird.

Then, earlier today, an acquaintance went to my husband's pharmacy and told his boss that we were moving away to Indianapolis. Huh?????

Last week, in a grocery store parking lot, Fred was pulling out and this lady in a mini-van laid on her horn for a full 60 seconds and gave us the finger the whole time. I rolled down my window and yelled, "We're sorry!" and "God Bless you" and she swerved around and pulled up to my side of the car and screamed "Why the h*ll are you staring at me you f***ing *itch???? You're the f****ing idiot that pulled in my way you f**** *itch." and this lady had to be at least 35-40!!! She looked like a typical soccer mom in a mini van! I was trying to yell over her screaming to say "I'm sorry if we pulled in front of you" but she wouldn't stop screaming.
It really shook us up. I can remember a day back-when that I would have returned the hand signel or got out of the car for a fight. But, as she peeled away in her mini-van, I looked at my totally shook-up hubby and said, "You know, that lady has to have a miserable, sad life to be so angry" and so we prayed for her! We're trusting God to bring that lady some peace and some healing in exchange for her anger at the world. Praying helped to settle our blood pressure too! lol

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