Friday, May 16, 2008


This coming Tuesday is going to be a busy day!

While I am in Muncie with our birth mom, Fred is taking off work to go to Indy. His dad is having surgery.

His dad has had a huge boil-type thing under his right arm. When we went for chemo this week, the oncologist wouldn't do chemo after seeing the place under his arm and instead sent him to a surgeon. The surgeon said the good news is that this "thing" (can't remember the proper name of it) isn't in his lymph nodes (yet) but the bad news is that is absolutely has to come off as quickly as possible. So, surgery is in 4 days. He can't even have chemo until it's off. The DR would like to be able to use local anesthetic, but the "thing" is too deep.

So, Fred is going there while I go to the DR and lawyer with our birth mom.

The chemo is working for my FIL's prostate cancer, PTL! It justs wipes out so many other things though. But, he's in good spirits and is totally focused on baby Ryleigh! =)

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