Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Who knew on February 29, when we went to the ER that my hubby wouldn't work a day in March and who knows about April? Amazing.
He is still recovering, slowly. The specialist reassured us last week that Fred is on track and that he'd had 5 specialists working on him in the Intensivist, a Cardiologist, an Infectious Disease DR, a Gastrointerologist and something else and that you don't get "that" type of care unless you're very sick.
So, who knows when he'll go back to work. He's been put on short-term disability. We go back to the surgeon tomorrow for a check on progress, etc. Hope we get good news!
It's freezing cold here. Tonight or one night this week it's going ot be 27*, I heard on the news. I am so sick of winter! My mom who lives a couple hours south of us in Bloomington told me today that the grass is greening up and flowers are in bloom. I have 3 words...That's Not Fair! LOL
Yesterday was chemo day for my FIL, so I spent the day in Indy with him and my step-MIL. My FIL always sleeps through chemo, so he told us "girls" to go eat or something! LOL So, he didn't have to tell us twice! We went to a couple of shops then had lunch at Applebee's before taking him some food. He was ready to go when we got back to the Oncology Center. He got the news a couple weeks ago that the chemo is working and his PSA level had dropped, so praise the Lord for that!
Here's to a happy April for everyone! =)

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