Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snowed in

For once the meteorologist was right and we got blasted with a blizzard! Tuesday and Wednesday, we rec'd 15-16" of snow here in New Castle. Woohoo! Fred's boss called Tuesday and told him not to try to come in, plus he already had Wednesday off, so we had two awesome days being snowed in! One of our "snowed in" traditions is that I bake a bunch of cookies...and we eat them ALL without guilt! LOL I make up a batch of dough then divide it up. We add whatever "Mix-in's" we want. We usually add Chocolate chips to some of the dough, plus butterscotch chips, M & M's, etc. Just whatever sounds good at the time! We played Mexican Train domino's, caught up on our taped episodes of American Idol, etc. I made a big pot of chili too. Wednesday, it took over 3 hours to get out of our driveway. We have a plow on our 4-wheeler and the snow is so deep, we had to plow it in layers. If we didn't have a 4 wheel drive truck, we would have never made it out! We went to Applebee's for a Valentine's dinner and came right back home. It was frigid out!!!!

I went 3 days without mail service, which, if you know me very well, you know that that is NOT a good thing! lol

Today, Thursday, Fred went back to work and waaaahhhh...I'm so NOT liking being home alone!! I feel kind of lost.

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