Thursday, February 3, 2011

I won! And other stuff...

Per my previous post, I was holding my breath, hoping to win the $15 credit at Embraceable Lace on Well, I won!!

And here's what I chose:
It's black and white silk ribbon roses on a black metal headband. I LOVE it! I've worn it umpteen times since getting it! I have waist length hair and in this pic I had it curled and pinned up

Other stuff...we've had an ice storm the past 2 days and I'm over it. LOL We've had tons and tons of snow and now the ice. Spring, where art thou?

I did get out of the house a little while today, only to find everything closed. Even Michael's was closed! BOO! lol

Our road is 3 inches of solid ice...
My cutie pie daughter has been entertaining herself by laying in a kitchen cabinet and coloring! lol
and baking cookies with Mama
 I love this pic I got of her last week while we were riding in the car:

My 2 year old diva! LOL

I hope you're staying warm and well!

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WoolenSails said...

We got ice too, think that is worse, can't go out in it.


Anonymous said...

I'm a swapbot swapper coming by to see your blog. What a wonderfully colorful blog. Your daughter is adorable, I love the pic!