Saturday, February 12, 2011

There are some things I miss about living in the country.

You could park right at the door at the little country post office. The PO was full of personal touches...plants, etc. The postmistress knew my could pick up your mail without a mailbox key. She asked how my sick FIL was doing. Today, when I went to the PO in this city I live in now, there was a line waiting for a parking space. The country PO has 2 parking spaces and it was sufficient. Now, my local PO has 30-40 spaces & it isn't enough.

When I got inside, there were at least 35 people in line!! At the country PO, if you had to wait in line, it was usually behind an old farmer, catching up on gossip. He would step aside, let you go in front of him but all the while stand beside you and keep talking.

Tonight, at the grocery store, there were at least 11 people in line to rent a movie from a Red Box. In my country town, a huge percentage of people didn't even know how to operate the Red Box movie rental thing, which set outside the McDonald's. Or, they didn't have a credit card to use it because they always pay cash.

I miss the rolling hills, the farm land, the wild animals...the librarian who let you check out books without your library if you forget your card, they charge you $1 to look up your number...

But as a praying Christian family, we know God called us out of our comfortable setting and moved us to a sometimes uncomfortable place. We are changing and growing. But, no matter how much I change and grow, I hope someday, God will "call" me back to the country!

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WoolenSails said...

I could never live in a city area, it would drive me crazy, need my space. I try to go to small shops, less people and you know the people who own them. We have small shops here and chain stores, so a little of both.