Thursday, March 6, 2008


Things have been very crazy around here. I'm actually typing this from the hospital cafe in Muncie.
Last Friday (Feb. 29?)I had to take Fred to the ER. After 10.5 hours in the ER, he had emergency gall bladdder surgery. He went home the next day. He was doing fine over the next 2 days. At 1 AM on Wed., he got very sck and we had to go back to the ER. He has been admitted to critical care with a serious infection in his colon. He is passing a lot of blood around the clock. He's getting morphine every 2 hours. He has C-diff. he has to have a colonscopy in the morning.I guess we will be here until the first of next week. Very scary time for us.
Alison, I've asked someone to fll in for me for a couple weeks. I'll be praying for you though. I am sleeping in a chair in Fred's room, so I have lots of time to pray. =)
We need lots of prayers too.

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Alison said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Fred!! How scray. I will for sure be keeping you two in my prayers. And don't worry about me- I totally understand sweetie! And thank you for you all your prayers. Stay strong and take care of your hubby. You are in my thoughts and prayers.